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A very warm welcome to Ms Gabrielle Bacon, our new goodwill ambassador for North America

Born and raised in Montreal, Canada to an Italian father and Hungarian mother, Gabrielle moved to the UK gained her undergraduate degree at McGill University, where she held a special scholarship as page in the Canadian House of Commons, and her MPhil in International Relations at Cambridge University. During her studies, she became fascinated by the UN’s role in international affairs, and her MPhil thesis at Cambridge was on the International Court of Justice. Gabrielle stayed in Europe for the next fifteen years, working in the media and art worlds in various capacities. As the client liaison for all sales across Europe at Sotheby’s in London, Gabrielle spent many years in the auction world with the help of her language skills of fluent French, Italian and Spanish. She moved to the United States with her American husband, Louis Bacon, a noted environmentalist, some seven years ago where her life has been consumed with children (three of her own with Louis and four step-children), her work at Moore Charitable Trust and her board work. At the Moore Foundation, Gabrielle has brought together areas of education, medicine and the arts, especially as to how they pertain to the environment and land conservation. She pioneered an Artists-in-Residence program for Plein-Air artists to paint at the Foundation’s private preserved lands. For health and welfare, she has supported important projects in the developing world, including feeding children at schools thru Mary’s Meals in Malawi, helping restore vision through Orbis Intl, also scholarships, projects for fundraising and awareness for Donors Choose (education support), Catholic Charities (families and children), among many other initiatives.  Gabrielle Bacon was elected Vice President of the GreenVale School (nursery through grade 9) Board of Trustees and also by the Women’s Board of the Boys Club of New York, a 140-year-old organization which provides free after school opportunities in four clubhouses in different areas of Manhattan for disadvantaged boys. She sits on the Board of the Peconic Baykeeper, an environmental watch group on Long Island. Mrs Bacon is also a Board Trustee of New York Presbyterian Hospital and Columbia University-Weill Cornell medical system. By invitation, Gabrielle belongs to the Metropolitan Museum of Fine Arts Director’s Council and the Tate Britain Museum International Council.

Congratulations to Ms Kehkashan Basu, Voices of Future Generations alumna from the Middle East

Warmest of thanks and good wishes go to Ms Kehkashan Basu, first Child Author from the Middle East in the Voices of Future Generations Children’s Book Series, who authored The Tree of Hope. Kehkashan now serves as a special keynote speaker, co-drafter of the Children’s Declaration on the Sustainable Development Goals, and inspiring youth mentor and ambassador for the World Future Council in the Voices of Future Generations Children’s Book Series, with great success. 

Children’s Voices on International Radio Broadcast, Taipei, Taiwan

In March 2016, Anna You-yin, Kuo (11, Asia) was invited as a guest in the Taiwan Environmental Education Dialogue-produced Children’s Radio Show "Sustainable Development Goal Radio Show", to share her ideas, as a child author, about how to implement the SDGs and involve children on the ground. Her appearance built on her previous radio broadcast in October 2015, when Anna was invited by Radio Taiwan International to share her story "The Fireflies after the Typhoon", and to report on what she had seen and heard during the United Nations/Voices of Future Generations Children’s Summit on the World’s Sustainable Development Goals in New York in September 2015. This radio show is published in Taiwan and Mainland China.

Child Authors speak in World Future Council, Hamburg, Germany

At the World Future Council Annual General Meeting 2016 on 9th March in Hamburg, Child Authors Kehkashan Basu (15, Middle East) and Jona David (10, EU/North America) spoke on behalf of the Voices of Future Generations initiative. Kehkashan, as a World Futures Ccouncil Youth Ambassador and Jona, as Voices of Future Generations Child Author, Europe/North America, called for youth and children’s voices in decision-making to implement the Sustainable Development Goals, among other key messages. An education and awareness-raising event was also held about their books, The Great Green Vine Invention and The Tree of Hope, at the Central Library of Hamburg, opening a forum for them to reach out to children and the public about the Convention on the Rights of the Child, and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Pacific Islands Child Author Raises Awareness, Papua New Guinea

In March 2016, Tyronah Sioni (9, Small Islands) gave education and awareness-raising speeches on the Sustainable Development Goals and children’s rights, sharing her story at the Australian International School in Singapore. Tyra also reached out to children across Papua New Guinea with a front page lead article in the PNG Post Courier (Tuesday 15th December, 2015), an article in the World Student Magazine ( and an article in Expat Living Singapore: ( She has also featured in an article Paradise Magazine, and is planning an interview with ABC Radio Australia, as well as for the publication Suitcases and Strollers.

Federal Judge Approves Children’s Climate Change Law Suit

On Friday, April 8, 2016, U.S. Magistrate Judge Thomas Coffin of the federal District Court in Eugene, Oregon ruled that Juliana vs. United States, a suit brought by 21 young people ranging in ages from 8 to 19, may proceed. The suit, which is supported by Our Children's Trust,  claims the federal government is violating their rights as guaranteed by the Constitution to life. liberty, and property by permitting, encouraging, and otherwise enabling continued exploitation, production, and combustion of fossil fuels. (Source)

Child authors meet UN Secretary-General

Two Voices of Future Generations Child authors had an amazing time at Westminster on the morning of Friday, February 5th 2016, presenting their books to Mr Ban Ki-moon, whose moving speech signalled the importance of the SDGs including global response to climate change, international peace-keeping‎ and human rights, also the need for youth and children's special voices. 

Book Signing Event at Heffers, Cambridge, UK

Join us, on Saturday, 30th January 2016 from 2.00 to 4.00pm at Heffers in Cambridge where Child Authors Jona David (10) and Diwa Boateng (11) will be signing copies of the new eco-inventor boy book The Great Green Vine Invention and sharing a new children’s book The Tree of Hope.

Online publication of the Storyline edition of children's books from the Voices of Future Generations Book Series

Voices of Future Generations is pleased to share with you the early release of the storybook edition of the first books of the winning authors in our new series. The version of the books you will be able to download below is an early publication of the storybook edition.  

The books may be downloaded here

UN Children Summit delegates presented their Declaration to  International leaders

The UN Children Summit delegates presented their Declaration to a host of international leaders, in particular to the co-chairs of the Sustainable Development Goals H.E. Ambassador David Donoghue (Ireland) and H.E. Ambassador Macharia Kamau (Kenya)

‘Inspiration for Future Generations’ Award Winners

Ms Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO; Hon. Mary Robinson, of the Mary Robinson Foundation for Climate Justice; and Mr Nikhil Seth, Director-General of UNITAR and former Director of UN DSD, were selected by the children delegates as ‘Inspiration for Future Generations’ Award Winners for 2015

The Voices of Future Generations 2015 Children's Declaration was adopted unanimously in the 2015 Children's Summit on the World's Sustainable Development Goals at the UN Headquarters this week on 20 September 2015

Adopted by over 100 delegates, building on the online contributions of over 2700 children from more than 70 countries is now available online at the following link

Voices Of Future Generations would like to thank the UN Bookstore, UNDPI, UNESCO, the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child and especially, the team at UNDESA’s Division on Sustainable Development for their support, encouragement and partnership. 

A message from Alexandra Wandel, Management Board and Director of the WFC Head Office in Hamburg to the ‪#‎UNChildrenSummit

The message is available here

Child Authors to bring their visions to 70th UN General Assembly in support of new global sustainability goals

An inspirational group of child authors will be making their voices heard on sustainable development – which includes environmental, social and economic issues – and children’s rights during the UN General Assembly's 70th Anniversary in New York next week.


The young writers will launch their books, which promote the values and voices of their generation, alongside a 2015 Children’s Declaration on the UN’s new World Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at the United Nations Bookstore at 11am on the 21 September.


The Children’s Declaration will be agreed at the first ever Children’s Summit at the UN headquarters on 20 September, which the young authors are helping to host.

New Child Authors Selected from the Pacific Islands

The Voices of Future Generations Children’s Book Series, on 04-05 September 2015, led the final consultations in the Voices of Future Generations selection process for the Pacific Islands. The selected Child Authors from the Pacific Islands, gold winners in the regional children's story competition, were announced the next day, along with the silver and bronze winners whose stories will be printed in a special illustrated regional anthology in English in 2016.


In a full day Children’s Summit event in New York City on September 20th 2015, International Commission Member and Goodwill Ambassador for the Pacific Islands, Ms Melinda Manuel of the Pacific Islands Society of the UK and Ireland, will present the awards in person, and the other Child Authors will welcome the new Pacific Child Authors to the team.


Voices of Future Generations Child Authors from the Pacific Islands:


1. Gold Certificate and international publication: Lupeo’aunu’u Vaai(11), The Voice of An Island* (Samoa)

2. Gold Certificate and international publication: Tyra Sioni (9), The Visible Girls (Papua New Guinea)


Further Special Commendations for Leading Entries from the Pacific Islands:


3. Silver Commendation: Max Tunicliffe (10), Rubbish No More (New Zealand)

4. Silver Commendation: Alexandria Slaven (11), A Home for Mr Crab (Samoa)

5. Bronze Commendation: Sophie Wright (10) The School in the Shed* (Fiji)

6. Bronze Commendation: Mira Mishra (10) Fifa and Pawpaw (Suva)


* Recommended title, for author confirmation

New Child Authors Selected from Latin America

The Voices of Future Generations’ partner in Latin America, Fundacion Ecos, on August 30-31rst 2015, led the final consultations in the Voices of Future Generations selection process for Latin America. The selected Child Authors from Latin America, gold winners in the regional children's story competition, were announced the next day, along with the silver and bronze winners whose stories will be printed in a special illustrated regional anthology in English and Spanish in 2016.

In a full day Children’s Summit event in New York City on September 20th 2015, International Commission Member and Goodwill Ambassador for Latin America, Dr Maria Leichner Reynal, Fundacion Ecos, will present the awards in person, and the other Child Authors will welcome the new Latin American Child Authors to the team. 

Voices of Future Generations Child Authors from Latin America:

1. Gold Certificate and international publication: Lautaro Real (9), The Species-Saving Time Team (Uruguay)

2. Gold Certificate and international publication: Allison Lievano-Gomez (11), The Sisters’ Mind Connection (Mexico) 

Further Special Commendations for Leading Entries from Latin America
3. Silver Commendation: Valeria Canon, Adventura en la playa / The Ocean’s Edge Adventure (Colombia)

4. Silver Commendation: Paula Maglione, Nuestro rio / The Life of Our River (Uruguay)

5. Silver Commendation: Nayely Nadeida Tecu Lopez, Aprendi por mis amigos / The Book Friends Education (Guatemala)

6. Bronze Commendation: Maia Bracco, Los dos mundos / The Two Worlds Together (Uruguay) 

7. Bronze Commendation: Tharsis Jared Gayle Maloney, Una sirenita valiente / The Brave Mermaid of the Seas (Panama)

8. Bronze Commendation: Ismael Costa, The Big Issues (Uruguay)

9. Bronze Commendation: Martina Ramos, El logro de Emma / The Child of Biodiversity (Uruguay) 

10. Bronze Commendation: Fiorella Ovares Arguedas, Costa Rica, Mi abuelo y yo / The Grandparents Medicine Plants (Costa Rica) 

Welcoming the new Asia Child Author

Marie-Claire Cordonier Segger, Jona David, Wan-ting Wei(Silver), Yu-yin Kuo(Gold) and Ying-Shih Hsieh
7 Child Authors from Asia attended the Award Ceremony.
The Child Author from Asia, Yu-yin Kuo, sharing her story of Forest Firelies After the Hurricane on TEED(Taiwan Environmental Education Dialogue
Jona David sharing his thoughts on sustainability and his first two books

Voices of Future Generations’ partner in Asia, EQPF, hosted, on August 3rd 2015, a Voices of Future Generations Children and Environment Forum in Taipei, where the selected Child Author from Asia, gold winner in the regional children's story competition, was announced, along with the silver, bronze and honorable mentions whose stories will be printed in a regional anthology.

In a full day event, Commission Members Dr YS Hsieh, EQPF, and Dr Marie-Claire Cordonier Segger, presented and gave the awards, and NA/European Child Author Jona David presented his first book translated into Chinese, and welcomed the new Asia Child Author to the team.


The final Asia VoFG winners are:


1. Gold Certificate and international publication: Yu-yin Kuo, ‘Forest Fireflies After the Hurricane’ (Taiwan)

VoFG International Children’s Series

Special Commendations for Leading Entries from Asia


2.1 Silver Commendation: Yun-Zhi Ong, 'The Three Tree-Planters' (Malaysia) Peng Bin Elementary School, Peneng


2.2 Silver Commendation: Wan-ting Wei, ‘Magic Encounter in the Sea’ (Taiwan)


2.3 Silver Commendation: Jia-xuan Yang, ‘Jade Snow's Rescue of the Environment’ (Taiwan)


3.1 Bronze Commendation: Ying-xuan Lia, ‘Tales of the Waves at Lanyu’ (Taiwan)

3.2 Bronze Commendation: Cleony Mahendra, 'A Feathered Friend' (Indonesia) Surabaya Taipei International School

3.3 Bronze Commendation: Chi-han Su, ‘Guardians of the Environment in Fantasia’ (Taiwan)




4.1 Special Poetry Commendation: Ai Zhong, ‘The Future We Want’ (Taiwan)


4.2 Special Poetry Commendation: Yuan-Chuang Ding, 'If I were bird, horse, fish and human' (China) Zhejiang Zi Wei Elementry School 




5.1 Honourable Mention: Maurice Alexander Purnawan, 'Reinterpretation of the Old Chinese Story of Nu Wa Patches Up the Sky' (Indonesia) Surabaya Taipei International school


5.2 Honorable Mention: Yu-ting Huang, ‘The Perfect Environmentopia’ (Taiwan) 


5.3 Honorable Mention: Da-fu Chiou, ‘The Perfect Environmentopia’ (Taiwan)


5.4 Honorable Mention:  Po-han Yi, ‘The Diary of Chen Yi-zhe’ (Taiwan)


The Epic Eco-Inventions available in Ottawa

For a limited time, the first book in the Voices of Future Generations book series, The Epic Eco-Inventions by Jona David will be available at Chapters Rideau in Ottawa, Canada

Bristol Big Green Week Festival

Nine-year-old UK child author, Jona was the youngest Big Green Chair speaker at the annual Big Green Week festival in Bristol. Jona read from his first book, 'The Epic Eco Inventions', on the festival's stage and later met the festival chair Alastair Sawday, who introduced Jona's talk and eco-inventions drawing session at a local bookstore. 

Join 9-year-old Jona David, author of the first Voices of Future Generations book ‘The Epic Eco-Inventions’, on June 13 2015 at Bristol, United Kingdom, for an inspiring and entertaining children’s book reading on the small Big Green walk stage at noon then another book reading and eco-inventions drawing workshop , from 2.30 to 4.10 pm.

Our first child author, presented his book, The Epic Eco-Inventions (UN / VoFG 2014) at the University of Cambridge / CISDL / UNEP-WCMC / CIFOR Symposium on Biodiversity, Sustainable Development and the Law in February 2015

The Author and his brother presenting the book
Our first Child Author, Jona David, with Dr Bradnee Chambers, Executive Secretary of the Convention on Migratory Species
Our first Child Author, Jona David, with Hon. Justice Antonio Benjamin, Judge on Brazil's Federal Court and Chair of the IUCN World Commission on Environmental Law (WCEL)
Our first Child Author, Jona David, with Prof Jorge Vinuales, Professor of Environmental Law and Policy at the University of Cambridge and Lic. Alberto Sandoval, Executive Director, Transversal of Mexico



Submit your Creative Story about the Future We Want and Children’s Rights for the New

Voices of Future Generations Series of Books




CASH PRIZE for Winning Author: 250 £ (British Pounds), in local country currency


Can you write creative stories about children’s rights, environmental solutions, and the future that we all want?

Would you like to join a global council of prize-winning child authors, and have your work published internationally in many languages?


To celebrate the 25 th Anniversary of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, A new Series of Children’s Books titled “Voices of Future Generations” has been launched by a consortium of leading educational charities and international agencies, in cooperation with the United Nations.   Every year, we feature children’s stories inspired by the 1992 Earth Summit and the 2012 Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD), and by the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) itself.


Submit your creative and inspiring stories about children and your future, now,

for the new global Voices of Future Generations Series!


At this time, we invite primary school children ages 8-12 to prepare 1-3 short stories (5 pages) about imaginary child characters from your region of the world, along with a 100-wordbiography, and submit your entry to the International Contest.


We especially seek child authors from Latin America and the Pacific Islands, who are concerned about justice, the global environment, education and children’s rights. Gold and two silver prize certificates will be awarded to children of each focus region, and the top chosen child authors will join a special global cohort of leading children whose stories will be shared worldwide.


Accompanied by professional illustrations, each storybook will profile creative,interesting and adventurous ideas for creating a just and greener future, in the context of children’s interests and lives. We aim to publish the books internationally in the six UN languages, raising the voices of future generations and spread their messages for a fair and sustainable tomorrow among their peers and adults, worldwide.


An International Commission of leading experts and agencies, and Goodwill Ambassadors for key regions of the world,including Asia, Latin America and the Pacific, will select the winning entries.


Criteria for Awards:

The stories will be judged for: 

(1) originality,

(2) creative thinking,

(3) link to key messages from the2012 UNCSD Future We Want Declaration and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, and

(4) relevance to the environmental and educational problems and solutions of the region.

Children can individually submit up to 3 stories each about the same child characters, and schools are invited to submit up to 10top stories. Entries must be submitted by email, and stories more than 10%over the limit will be automatically rejected. Finalists and winners shall be informed of their success before 15 August 2015.   The first prize winner will receive his/her prize by 31 August 2015.  

Please kindly direct submissions to Ms Carissa Wong ( ) ,with cc to: , before noon Greenwich Mean Time on 15 July 2015.

Nine-year-old Jona David, the author of The Epic Eco-Inventions, explains why and how children must stand up for each other and their environment

Our first author, 9 year old Jona David tells the Guardian that children have the right to a voice and to be heard Link 

Launch of the Chinese Version of the Voices of Future Generations website

Voices of Future Generations Children's Book series is proud to annouce the launch of the Chinese version of its website. It is aimed at all Chinese writing Child Authors in Asia. The deadline for submission in Asia is March 25th 2015. A panel will then select ten stories from the submissions for the consideration of the International Commission.

The Chinese website may be accessed at

Submit Entries Now for the 2015 Voices of Future Generations Children's Rights Inventions Drawing Contest!

Grab your pencils, markers and crayons to share with us and other children around the world the power of your imagination! Children from all regions are invited to draw an invention that can help children enjoy their rights, such as the rights to education, a clean environment, health, food, water, expression, justice or simply to play. 

This Children's Drawing Contest is open to March 31 2015, and children can enter as many as five drawings each. Simply click on the link below, print the Inventions Page, fill it in, and email it to the contact. The Voices of Future Generations International Commission shall select winning Inventions and Drawings. Entries will be published in a new Voices of Future Generations Children’s Poster and on this Website in several UN languages, recognizing the Winning Children’s name, age and town/country, with Gold, Silver and Bronze Award Certificates awarded to the top entries.
Link (in English)
Link (in French/ en Français)

Call for Child Authors

Primary school children ages 8-12 are invited to prepare 1-3 short stories (5 pages) about imaginary child characters from their region of the world, along with a 100-word biography, and submit their entry to the International Contest. Child authors from Asia, Latin America and the Pacific who are concerned about justice, the global environment, education and children’s rights are especially sought.


Children's Rights and Eco Inventions Workshop and Book Signing Event at Heffers, Cambridge, UK

The first author of the Series, Jona David, 9, has shared his vision of a greener future. Jona spoke of his hopes for a "just, vibrant and green future for all children" before crowds in Heffers Bookshop. 
Jona also signed copies of his book The Epic Eco-Inventions, which was selected from thousands of competition entries to be part of the Voices of Future Generations series. Award-winning artist Carol Adlam joined Jona in Heffers as the young attendees were asked to imagine and design an invention that could help towards children's rights. The top 10 drawings were then published as posters. 

Appointment of Three Goodwill Ambassadors

The Voices of Future Generations International Commission is very proud to announce the appointment of three Goodwill Ambassadors:

  • Ms Melinda Manuel from the Pacific Islands Society
  • Dr YS Hsieh from the Environmental Quality Protection Foundation
  • Dr Maria Leichner Reynayl from the Fundacion Ecos

These distinguished international leaders will, with their characteristically inspiring and dedicated energy, champion the selection of three new Child Authors from the Pacific Islands, from Asia and from Latin America over the coming year.


Launch of the Voices of Future Generation Series in London

On the 25th Anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the most widely ratified international human rights treaty in the world, the United Nations and the World Future Council have partnered to host the launch of the first children's book in a new international series, "Voice of FutureGenerations" together with a consortium of educational charities including the Centre for International Sustainable Development Law, the Trust for Sustainable Living, and the Office of the Commissioner for Future Generations of Hungary ( #VofG ).Held at the Science Museum in London UK, in honour of HE Judge CG Weeramantry UNESCO Peace Education Prize Laureate and former Vice-President of theInternational Court of Justice, a special inter-generational learning circle and book launch engaged school children and international student leaders in earnest discussion with esteemed academics and learned professionals in the children's rights and environmental protection fields. Two intensive round table identified emerging global challenges and barriers to children's rights to education and a clean environment, and shared innovative solutions to realize these rights that are being promoted today, all over the world, by world leaders, dedicated international organizations, educational institutions, civilsociety and children themselves. Professor Kirsten Sandberg, Chair of the United Nations Committee on the Rightsof the Child provided thoughtful and provoking opening remarks, then His Excellency Justice CG Weeramantry led two very lively roundtable discussions. Master Madiwa Adjepong-Boateng (10) of Saint John's College School Cambridge, gave an excellent presentation, identifying global environmental problems such as climate change, pollution and desertification, and barriers to education which include war and conflict, diseases like Ebola and corruption. In his words, "Corruption becomes a challenge to education when trusted public officials make themselves rich from stealing money that could have been used to provide classrooms and text books for children and salaries for teachers."The Series first selected child author, Master Jona David (9) of King's College School Cambridge, highlighted new solutions that are needed, including schools and comunities adopting eco-technologies such as solar and wind power so that children's interest in eco-science would be 'sparked', hybrid buses and bikes for transport, and extreme recycling; world leaders promoting a greener economy with jobs that don't hurt the environment in the future; and children forming eco-clubs, leading global movements to plant trees and prevent climate change, and writing books to speak out. He commented that education must be the right kind of education, and that as adults we must look closely at what we are teaching children. The second selected global child author, Miss Kehkashan Basu (14) provided a motivating online presentation from her home in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and introduced her book, 'The Tree of Hope' about a girl involved in restoring degraded desert ecosystems and realising children's rights to water and the environment.International expert speakers such as Mr Jakob von Uexkull, Founder of the World Future Council; Ms Julia Marton-Lefevre, Director-General of the IUCN; Dr Marcel Szabo, Ombudsman for Future Generations of Hungary; Mr Karl Hansen, Director of the Trust for Sustainable Living; Dr Ashfaq Khalfan, Advisor to Amnesty International and CISDL Chair; Ms Anna R. Oposa, GlobalShaper of the World Economic Forum & Founder of Save Philippine Seas; Dr Nick Lush, Vice-Principal of the United World Colleges - Atlantic College; and Dr Simon Stuart, Chair of the IUCN Species Survival Commission; highlighted how progress has been achieved on children's civil and political rights,while recognizing that violations of children's economic, social, cultural and environmental rights are increasing. They shared new forms of education, international initiatives, and local solutions that support future generations who feel themselves to be part of their own countries, but also citizens of one world, with access to good quality education and a healthy and clean environment, facilitated by CISDL Senior Director Dr Marie-Claire Cordonier Segger.The event closed with a special reception featuring the child author Jona David and the talented illustrator, Dr Carol Adlam, with celebratory toasts to the first book in the new Series, 'The Epic Eco-Inventions' from Baroness DrJulie Smith of Newnham; Dr Marcel Szabo of the Future Generations Commission, and a leader in children's publishing, Ms Belinda Rasmussen of Macmillan Children's Books.The United Nations, the World Future Council and the consortium of partners are very grateful for the engagement and partnership of all, for a very splendid commencement to the inspiring 'Voices of Future Generations' children's book series initiative.

Voices of Future Generations Delegation at the UN General Assembly High-Level Meeting Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child

The  Convention on the Rights of the Child  (CRC) is the most widely ratified international human rights treaty in the world. On November 20, 2014, the United Nations held a high-level meeting of the General Assembly in New York to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of its promulgation. A CISDL delegation took part in the event.


The event opened with an UNICEF #IMAGINE Launch event at which artist Yoko Ono presented her vision for peace, and children and musical performers shared the stage in song. UNICEF ambassadors also launched the Apple TouchCast app for iOS, which will enable millions of people to record their own version of the Lennon classic “Imagine”, and participate with Katy Perry, Courteney Cox, Idris Elba and other celebrities in the anticipated largest sing-along in history. Each shared version of the song will form part of a new remix of Imagine by David Guetta, to be released in New York’s Times Square and on iTunes on New Year’s Eve 2014 to raise awareness on the rights of children. For more information and to be a part of this project, please see UNICEF’s press release on the event: Link  


At the UN General Assembly High-level meeting,His Excellency Sam K Kutesa, President of the 69th  Session of the UN General Assembly presided over an open session. Mr Anthony Lake, Executive Director of the United Nations Children’s Fund, Ms Marta Santo Pais, Assistant Secretary General and Special Representative of the Secretary-General on Violence Against Children, Ms Kirsten Sandberg, Chair of the Committee on the Rights of the Child, Ms Maud De Boer-Buquicchio, Assistant Secretary-General and Special Rapporteur on the sale of children, child prostitution and child pornography, as well as other special representatives and country representatives spoke. Together they expressed the view that much has been accomplished, much more needs to be done, and children’s rights extend into all facets of society from education, health, sexuality and economics to the environment and democratic participation. 


The CISDL delegation also attended events in the afternoon. Ms Maysa Jalbout, fellow at the Center for Universal Education at the Bookings Institution moderated an interactive panel discussion. At this, Mr Ehab Monzer, a child representative of the Lebanese Children’s Council shared his experience with and efforts to combat discrimination and religious hatred in the playground at school. MsBertha Condori Sinai, youth representative of Movimiento ATD Cuarto Mundo in Bolivia also spoke about the need for access to quality health care services for young girls who become pregnant. Mr Gideon Badagawa, Executive Director of the Private Sector Foundation in Uganda also called for the private sector to protect children’s rights and participate in meeting the Millennium Development Goals. Country representatives, including a child representative from Iraq whose father was killed before his eyes and the Prime Minister of Sweden who grew up and thrived in a foster home, spoke of the importance of protecting children’s smiles. The representative of World Vision, a Non-Government Organization, emphasized that a world fit for children must be at the heart of the UN post-2015 Development Agenda. In addition, the representative of SOS Villages D’Enfants Benin enunciated the importance of climate change and population issues in relation to the rights of children. The events underscored the idea that civilization is built inside the family and that environmental and international peace begins at home.