The Epic Eco-Inventions by Jona David

This delightful children's book follows the adventures of a genius boy inventor and his younger brother. The inventor's Eco-Inventions celebrate science and the environment. Confronted with bullying, the two brothers triumph through the creativity of the inventor, the intuition of the younger brother and their love for each other. Issues such as world peace, children rights and justice are touched upon with refreshing optimism and simplicity. The inventions of the young inventor are brought to life through vivid, creative and fun drawings by Carol Adlam

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The Great Green Vine Invention

The Great Green Vine Invention starts in a crisis, as rubbish and carbon pollution are overflowing the Eco-Inventor Boy’s very green town. The Little Brother welcomes a new pupil who is deaf, and receives a special Plant Dragon. On a playdate, they discover a set of secret greenhouses, filled with amazing plant inventions. The Eco-Inventor Boy has turned to botany! Unfortunately, a special experiment is interrupted during their visit, and the Great Green Vine – invented to eat rubbish – starts to munch up highways, power plants and other buildings too. Luckily, with their flying hybrid car and their new friend, the children save the day!

The Tree of Hope

This beautiful and lyrical book follows the adventures of a young girl called Khadra ‘green’ in Arabic) in a desert village. Khadra’s uncle leaves her a seedling when he goes to war. She mobilises her friends and community to plant and care for special trees, bringing back water, restoring their degraded environment, and ending wars for water.

Special Storybook Editions of New Child Author’s Works – Available Here Now

Voices of Future Generations is pleased to share with you the early release of the storybook edition of the first books of the winning authors in our new series. The version of the books you will be able to download below is an early publication of the storybook edition.

The Visible Girls

This inspiring book introduces us to a brave young girl who, alongside her best, yet invisible friend, create a program at school called Women's Rights.

The Forward & Backward City

This amazing and imaginative book follows the adventures of Kabwe and Tatenda, two boys in a future city of Africa.

The Voice Of An Island

This suspenseful and breathtaking book allows us to follow a brave young girl as she prepares for a very important presentation to save her island and the environment.

The Fireflies After The Typhoon

This lovely and moving story follows the discoveries of a child who tries to be heard by her parents and elders, so as to protect her village forests and stay resilient to natural disasters.

The Sisters' Mind Connection

This moving book depicts the struggles and victories of two sisters as they support and inspire each other and learn that children with disabilities should have full enjoyment of all human rights and fundamental freedoms.

The Species-saving Time Team

Superheroes come in all shape and forms but few care for the environment and all the species that have ever existed as much as Capitan and the rest of his friends do