Special Invitation


Voices of Future Generations


The Mary Robinson Foundation - Climate Justice


2016 Inter-generational Learning Circle


Inter-generational Equity, Children’s Rights

and the Sustainable Development Goals

 The Houses of Parliament

on 7 July 2016

London, United Kingdom


Join the Voices of Future Generation’s Initiative and the Mary Robinson Foundation – Climate Justice in London on 7 July for an Inter-generational Learning Circle on the concept of inter-generational equity, children’s rights and sustainable development.


This timely Learning Circle with Mrs Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland, the former United Nations High Commissioner on Human Rights and founder of the Mary Robinson Foundation - Climate Justice and the child authors of the Voices of Future Generation’s Children’s Book Series, will bring together experts on children’s rights and sustainable development. They will discuss how to ensure that the right of future generations to inherit a dignified planet is safeguarded and examine the actions and decisions countries need to take to balance the needs of current and future generations.


Through various presentations, the Learning Circle will provide an opportunity to discuss ways to raise awareness about inter-generational equity, how to deliver the SDGs and the provisions of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child worldwide.


Scope of discussion


The key questions to be considered include the following:


1.  What is inter-generational equity?

2.  What do the sustainable development goals mean for children and why are they important for future generations?

3.  How can children respond to the threat of climate change and promote climate justice?

4.  What kind of future do children all over the world want to inherit and how can they bring this to life? What are some of the visions and principles expressed by children in the 2016 Children’s Declaration on the World’s Sustainable Development Goals?


To register, please send an email with the subject 2016 Inter-generational Learning Circle to the Voices of Future Generations Programme Coordinator, Ms Ruth Hanson (ruthemilyhanson at gmail dot com) and the Senior Programme Officer, Ms Odeeth Lara (odtlara at gmail dot com) or to  voiceschildren@cisdl.org